Culturally Important Plants and Places of Nunatsiavut

Landscape of Culture


Alain Cuerrier

Luise Hermanutz



Working with knowledge holders, our project will bring together traditional knowledge about plants and their uses in Nunatsiavut into a book that will be presented in both Inuktitut and English. We are partnering with Dr. Erica Oberndorfer of the Labrador Institute. Our group has reached out to the community to get feedback about the best way to present that book during the Labrador Institute Research forum last spring; this will help guide us as we prepare the book. We are also working to document culturally important places around the coastal communities to help figure out and map what the local places should be protected for things such as berry picking, wood and hunting. We have held community get-togethers and visited schools to engage students about plants and how they are used.