Agvituk Archaeology Project

The Inuit Community Government of Hopedale, Nunatsiavut, initiated the Avertok Archaeology Project to generate tourism activity and support local interest in the history of Hopedale.

Agvituk Digital Archive Project

The Agvituk (also spelled Avertok) Digital Archive Project is part of the Tradition and Transition community-based Agvituk Archaeology Project (AAP), which was initiated by the Hopedale community of Nunatsiavut in 2017 and is led by Lisa Rankin.

Animating Labrador Inuit Archives

Labrador Inuit have an uncommon relationship with their historical documents. For many of us that live in the south, such documents are often kept under lock and key, removed from common usage. In Nunatsiavut, however, such documents are part of daily life.

Arts of the Labrador Inuit e-database (ALIVe)

This project will digitally reunite and return Nunatsiavut-made, far-flung objects, images, and documentation of that work, in order to return knowledge and histories that have been largely inaccessible to Nunatsiavummiut for centuries.

Creation of an Archival Guide for all major Labrador Moravian collections

The historical and cultural heritage of Nunatsiavut/Labrador has a detailed and rich historical record base in Moravian archival collections in Germany, England, United States, and Labrador. One of the major hindrances in using these vast textual resources is the lack of accessibility.

Culturally Important Plants and Places of Nunatsiavut

Working with knowledge holders, our project will bring together traditional knowledge about plants and their uses in Nunatsiavut into a book that will be presented in both Inuktitut and English.

Daughters of Mikak: Celebrating Inuit Women's Leadership in Nunatsiavut

The Daughters of Mikak project encouraged people of Nunatsiavut to tell stories of strength, of wisdom, and of love.

The Development of Heritage Policy and Law in Nunatsiavut

The goal of this research is to provide a set of recommendations to the NG in relation to its powers to develop heritage policy and law in Nunatsiavut that reflect the needs and wishes of the people living in the region.

Digitization of the Moravian Church Books of Nunatsiavut/Labrador

The Church Books of the Moravian Church in Labrador represent a valuable cultural treasure, as well as demographic and historical sources for many research areas in the humanities and social sciences.

Double Mer Point Archaeology

This project has involved the excavation of a late 18th century Labrador Inuit winter village located near Rigolet.

Examining the Impacts of the George River Caribou Herd Hunting Ban on Northern Labrador Inuit

My research project uses a qualitative approach to understand the Indigenous social concerns surrounding the George River Caribou Herd (GRCH) hunting ban.

Hebron Family Archaeology Project

This project celebrates the stories and the lived of experiences of Labrador Inuit from the relocated community of Hebron.


This project is focusing on the 40 years of play writing for the Labrador Creative Arts Festival that contributed to an evolving sense of what it is to be Inuit in Nain, Hopedale, Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet.

In Search of the Southlanders

Patricia (Patty) Way is a long-time genealogist of Labrador currently working on Nunatsiavut family histories with Tradition & Transition. Genealogical research in Labrador has been the focus of her life for more than 50 years now.

Inuk in the City

This project considers the role and transformation of Inuit music in the Western/Southern context of the city, and the meaning music affords for Nunatsiavut Inuit who live far from their homeland.

InukBook: Inuktitut Children's Literature Series

This project is led by a committee of people who are interested in producing books for children in Inuktitut, based on stories contributed by people in Nunatsiavut.

Inuit Self-Government in Canada: The Nunatsiavut Experience

This project studies the politics and operation of the Nunatsiavut Government (NG), the only Inuit self-government in Canada. Special emphasis is devoted to how effective the NG has been in fulfilling the objectives of the 2005 Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.

Inuit Music and Musicians in Moravian Labrador

The striking musical traditions of the Moravian Inuit of coastal Labrador are, on one level, a proof of music’s capacity to transcend cultural difference.

Inuttut Kautamât uKauset (Inuttut Phrasebook)

This project is developing an Inuttut phrasebook suited for the day-to-day life of Labrador Inuit.

Johannes Point & Hebron Archeological Field Work

This project maps early Inuit settlements located in Northern Nunatsiavut, at Johannes Point, Hebron Fjord, and the area surrounding the Hebron Mission Site using a UAV, or drone.

Kibokok and Aillik – The Story of Two Hudson Bay Posts

The origins of the Nunatsiavut community of Postville are deeply connected with the Hudson Bay Company which established two important trading posts in Kaipokok Bay in the nineteenth century.

The Makkovik Plant Book Project

The Department of Culture, Language and Tourism, in partnership with Adventure Canada and Tradition & Transition, created an exciting new position: Nunatsiavut Cultural Ambassador.

Nunatsiavut Cultural Ambassador

The Department of Culture, Language and Tourism, in partnership with Adventure Canada and Tradition & Transition, created an exciting new position: Nunatsiavut Cultural Ambassador.

Nunatsiavut Field Guide to the Birds of Labrador

The Nunatsiavut Field Guide to the Birds of Labrador is a multi-year project aimed at working with Nunatsiavummiut to produce a photographic, informative field guide with traditional and scientific information.

Rigolet Region Archeological Survey

This project examines the largely undocumented archeological areas in the Southern portion of Nunatsiavut and the area surrounding Rigolet.

Tiny Records of Life: Nunatsiavut Embroideries

This project, a collaborative endeavor between Nunatsiavut seamstresses and The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, involves the study of the Arctic Museum’s 75 unsigned embroideries created in Nunatsiavut communities in the 1940s and 1950s.

A Window on the Past and a Mirror for the Future

In 1969-70 and again in 1985-86, Dr. Candace Cochrane photographed daily life at fishing camps and homesteads around Nain and Hopedale for the Grenfell Mission and then for the Labrador School Board.